Sir Geauford

A knight of recent fame; certain to come into fortune if he hasn't already.


As most knights of his caliber, he bears the lance and sword; sports heavy shield and plate mail. At least some of these are probably magical. He probably has a castle or keep of some sort, given his recent success and likely heritage. His fame comes from a major victory over the forces of darkness, including many of their abominable undead soldiers. What’s astonishing is that none of the major Orders recognize Sir Geauford among their number, and thus his “stock” is questioned.


Not much is known about Sir Geauford besides that which the bards tell; save that he hails from the North. Logic dictates that this knight be of noble heritage; though, the way the minstrels sing of him, ’twere as if he picked up a sword for the first time and slew a giant.

Sir Geauford

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