The most ancient of wyrms; the father of all dragons.


Ha! … you seriously think I’d reveal that?

Alright; weapons: teeth & claws are obvious; and you’re bound to discover that dragons rain fiery (and other) death upon their enemies from their mouths. Oh, watch out for that … tail.

The dragon’s body seems completely covered by scales that shine as brilliantly as pure gold, yet seem harder than granite. His horns, claws, and teeth seem likewise covered by this hard gold. His lidless eyes seem like orbs of molten gold that ripple away to reveal blood-fire red pupils. His wings seem to have a rare, reddish-gold hue, and his scales seem to alternate between reds and golds in various fiery patterns.


This dragon is larger than any you’ve ever imagined. He probably has a very long and riveting backstory; but you should count yourself lucky that you’ve heard of him; and luckier if you’ve survived an encounter.


The Chronicles of Erdon Beaumains