Cursed +5 Vicious Berserking Unholy Anarchic Shocking Burst Warmace.

weapon (melee)

Major Artifact. Unholy, Anarchic Relic. Cursed Magic Item.

This large sized warmace (base damage 2d8) always has the anarchic and unholy descriptors. The Bloodmace loses all other beneficial magical properties 1 day after being saturated in blood, which the mace drinks in, and freshly spilled blood not more than one day old must be used each time. Soaking the mace in a basin 5 feet in diameter and 3 feet deep filled with blood allows it to function with a +3 enhancement bonus and the benefits of the Vicious and Berserking qualities (the Bloodmace always imposes the drawbacks of those abilities). Enough blood to fill a 10-foot wide, 5-foot deep pool increases the enhancement bonus to +5 and adds the Shocking Burst quality, an Aura of Fear, and a chain lightning power.

Anyone who takes up the Bloodmace is unable to be rid of it and always draws it, even when it would be completely ineffective; they must also make a DC 16 Will save or become charmed towards it indefinitely, regarding it as a highly valuable and precious possession for which it is extremely jealous. Each day the mace is within a creature’s possession they must make a DC 16 Will save or change to the chaotic evil alignment; chaotic evil creatures that fail a DC 16 Will save must rampage: seeking out victims to slaughter with the mace until the mace has had its fill (30-60 victims), whenever it has not been soaked in fresh blood for over 24 hours.

Long term wielders are particularly susceptible to possession by a demon or other such entity, unless they are an outsider themselves, taking a penalty on their saves equal to the number of months they’ve used the mace. Characters must also make a DC 11 Will save when first aquiring the weapon or become insane, as the spell, except that they also suffer 6 points of charisma drain and a -4 penalty on Will saves against the curse of the Bloodmace that cannot be healed or restored until the they are rid of the mace. Characters afflicted with this insanity also gain a +4 bonus on intimidate checks, however.

The curse of the Bloodmace can only be removed if a break enchantment or more powerful spell is cast for each afflicting enchantment first. A limited wish frees a creature from all of the afflicting enchantments and allows the creature to be rid of the Bloodmace after the curse is removed with remove curse or more powerful magic. A miracle or wish will completely break the curse and get rid of the Bloodmace with one casting.

Special Abilities:

Berserking: The wielder gains all of the benefits and drawbacks of a barbarian’s rage (which stack with an actual barbarian’s rage, but only for this weapon). The wielder must attack the nearest creature, charging if possible, and continue to fight until no living thing remains within 60ft., or until unconsious or dead, and must do everything in his power to fulfill this requirement (breaking through barriers, for example). Additionally, the Bloodmace allows its wielder to detect the presence of other creatures within 60ft. but not the ability to pinpoint their location, and only when wielded. These effects only persist while other creatures are within 60ft., and don’t work against the Bloodmace (e.g. the Will save bonus), but niether can these effects be removed while the mace is wielded, and it has an uncanny ability not to drop from its wielder’s hands.

If a wielder is forced to continue berserking for longer than he should be able, or forced to begin raging again while fatigued, he applies the fatigued condition as normal, but continues berserking, and becomes exhausted once the rage finally passes. If the wielder is forced to rage again while exhausted, he still gains the benefits, but must make a fortitude save once that frenzy has completed or drop to -1 hp as if injured (and commence internal bleeding until he stabilizes). The save DC is equal to 15 plus the number of rounds the character was forced to frenzy while exhausted.

Aura of Fear: Anyone within 60ft. must make a DC 18 Will Save or cower in fear as if panicked and cornered. Those who make their saves are merely panicked for 4d6 rounds, unless they beat the DC by 5 or more, in which case they are shaken instead, and cannot be affected by the Bloodmace’s aura of fear again for 24 hrs.

Chain Lightning: Once per week the Bloodmace unleashes a round of chain lightning upon an enemy struck with it, but only if soaked in enough blood to fill a 10ft. diameter pool within the previous day. The creature struck gets no save against the lightning, but other targets are allowed a DC 23 reflex save for half damage. The chain lightning effect targets every creature within the radius of effect for the spell (CL 20), including the wielder of the Bloodmace.


Also called the Bloody Mace, and Gaulk’s Revenge, the Bloodmace appears as a large, ugly, cruelly fashioned black iron warmace coated in dark dried blood (usually because it is coated in blood). This dreaded weapon of the legendary Gaulk was wrought out of Myrdak’s First Smite, most commonly recollected in The Legend of Gaulk, though few if any know or remember how such a righteous and just event could have produced such an evil, unwholesome, and corrupt artifact.

The instances in which this weapon has actually surfaced are thankfully rare, even if rumors of its use may abound; what few tales, legends, and chronicles follow the Bloodmace tell of a long, twisted, and bloody affair of evil and destruction. The Bloodmace has never brought anything but ruin to anyone including its wielders, and is yet fanatically sought by many a would-be warlord (most of them ogres or demons), despite its many and profound curses. One related tale tells the tradgedy of a captain of war, who sought to bring peace and order to the lands, and found the artifact in the course of his mission; it tells of how the Mace drove him to butcher his wife and children, just to keep the Mace bloodied.


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