Bow of Angelic Might

Judgement of Heaven.

weapon (ranged)

Major Artifact. Greater Holy Relic

This huge sized +5 Holy Evil-Outsider-Bane Thundering Shocking Burst Flaming Burst Mighty Composite [Str: +7] Longbow [base: 3d6; /x3] is always perfectly rated for any good-aligned wielder’s strength, no matter what that is. If a good wielder has deficient strength, the bow is no more difficult to draw (as rated for the wielder’s strength, even negative) but does not apply any strength penalty to damage.

Evil creatures incur 4 negative levels as long as the bow is in their possession (outsiders take 8 negative levels) and must succeed on a DC 40 Strength check to use the bow; the negative levels never result in level loss, but cannot be restored as long as the bow remains in their possession. Characters that are not good or evil gain no particular advantage or disadvantage, but if the bow is used against a good creature by anyone, it resolves as if the wielder were evil, but gains the Merciful descriptor.

Any good creature that draws the Bow of Angelic Might creates a keen greater slaying arrow of cold iron or silver (wielder’s choice) and keyed to evil outsiders, but a Solar Angel may use this bow to draw a slaying arrow of any sort, as if they were using their normal bow. The save DC of the greater slaying arrow naturally created by the Bow of Angelic Might increases by 3 (up to 26) on a successful critical hit. Arrows fired at evil creatures also have the seeking property.

Alternatively, a wielder may use the Bow of Angelic Might to shoot a lightning bolt (as call lightning storm) that deal 6d8 points of electricity damage (or 6d12 if fired in stormy conditions) as a standard action; a DC 23 reflex save halves the damage. The bolts all have to strike targets inside of a 90ft. circle directly below the wielder (60 → 1,200ft. below). Unless they make a DC 23 fortitude save, creatures in or adjacent to the bolt’s path are stunned for 1d2 rounds, and creatures within 20ft. of the bolt’s path are blinded and deafened for 2d4 rounds.

Once per day the Bow of Angelic Might can be used to smite an evil target, and only an evil target, for 5d8+10 additional holy damage (10d6+20 if an evil outsider); an evil creature that fails a DC 20 Fort save is also permanently blinded. Once per month the Bow of Angelic Might can unleash a firestorm (DC 27) that only affects creatures that are evil or committing evil acts within a 100ft. radius area, dealing 20d6 damage per round for 3 rounds; reflex halves. The damage is both fire damage and holy damage, and is not subject to resistance or immunity unless the creature has resistance or immunity to both fire and holy damage.

Strong evocation; CL 20th; Firestorm, Holy Smite, Call Lightning Storm.


Sometimes called Heaven’s Wrath or Judgement of Heaven, this gigantic bow of exquisitely carved and polished ivory is bound and inlaid with shining white silver that crackles and flares faintly. When grasped, fire and lightning briefly flourish and surge along the arms, and solidify into a silvery bowstring; the bow changes to large size, huge size, or gargantuan size to best suit a good-aligned wielder or ill suit an evil wielder. Along the inside of each of the bow’s arms are inscribed two celestial words (or perhaps names) that glow with energy: one like lightning, and the other like holy fire.

Touching the bowstring conjures a readied arrow that crackles and flares with the energy of the bow itself; along its clean white shaft is a holy writ of destruction for minions of the lower planes; the bow hums. A small pool of silvery liquid veils an equally small hollow across the center of the bow. Arrows drawn along the face of the silverpool are instantly coated as with quicksilver, and silver-fletched; but the coating appears as solid and fast as wrought silver, with a sheen as pure as the finest of ornaments; the bow rumbles. Released, the arrow veers toward its target, bursting alive with holy fire and lightning; the bow roars with the sound of distant thunder.

This epic artifact is never seen out of the custody of a great archangel, usually of the solar variety; for few other beings are even big enough to handle the weapon. Occasionally a great eladrin, lillend, or titan lord may be granted the weapon to thwart the schemes of some archdevil, or a powerful archon hunter may be gifted the bow to aid against the unending onslaught of the Abyss. The Bow of Angelic Might has certainly slain its share of devils, demons, and other evils, and is feared and hated throughout the lower planes.

Bow of Angelic Might

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