Righteous Avenger

Boon of paladins and bane of demons.

weapon (melee)

Major Artifact. Greater Holy Relic. Intelligent Soul-Bound Magic Item.

This +3 Keen Cold Iron Greatsword becomes a +5 Keen Axiomatic Holy Cold Iron Greatsword in the hands of an archon or paladin, except that it can be wielded as if it were a bastard sword. That is, anyone proficient with a greatsword or bastard sword can wield the Righteous Avenger proficiently, and can wield it in one hand if they can wield a bastard sword with one hand. Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialization (and other such feats) in bastard sword and greatsword apply equally but do not stack.

Whenever a chaotic-evil outsider is nearby, the sword whispers “Slay the Demon!” loudly enough to be heard by a suitable wielder (i.e. non-evil creature) if any are within reach. Against chaotic-evil outsiders the weapon gains an additional +2 enhancement bonus and doubles all damage, including the inherent extra damage (i.e. 4d6 + 4d6 holy + 4d6 axiomatic + 2STR + 14 damage and x3 on a crit instead of x2 for up to 18d6 + 3STR + 21 total damage), and the weapon behaves as a Vorpal weapon. Additionally, any chaotic-evil outsider struck by the weapon must make a DC 23 Fortitude save or die, which increases by 3 on any successful critical hit (a nat 20 threatens to sever their head, as per the Vorpal quality).

The Righteous Avenger is an intelligent artifact containing the essence of a very powerful Hound Archon Hero who has a very zealous personality; it will not rest until the forces of evil, and all who seek destruction are defeated and brought to justice.

  • Alignment: Lawful Good.
  • Abilities: Speech, Telepathy, 120ft. darkvision, hearing, and scent. The Righeous Avenger can also sense the presence of chaotic evil outsiders within 120 feet as blindsense, but only senses their presence and not their specific location; it can sniff them out, however.
  • Lesser Powers: cast Detect Evil 3/day; 8 ranks Sense Motive, Spot, and Survival, with a +4 innate bonus vs. chaotic-evil outsiders (as favored enemy). The Righteous Avenger also speaks Common, Draconic, Infernal, and Abyssal as bonus languages (Celestial is its native tongue).
  • Greater Powers: cast Tongues 3/day.
  • Dedicated Power: cast Imprisonment, once per month.
  • Artifact Power: Righteous Aura*; this aura is similar to that generated by a holy avenger based on the spell holy aura.
  • Special Purpose: Slay or Defeat demons.

Righteous Aura*:
The Righteous Avenger provides spell resistance of 11 + the wielder’s paladin levels and archon hit dice to the wielder and anyone adjacent to him, and continuously protects them from mental control and possession as protection from evil; this protection applies to all forms of mental influence attempted by non-good creatures (not just those that would grant ongoing control). Subjects are effectively immune to mental influences generated by non-good creatures that force a subject to take specific action or that alter their opinions or perceptions, with the sole and notable exception of those effects that produce truthfulness such as zone of truth (it would block modify memory but not mind fog or crushing despair). It also enables the wielder to use greater dispel magic once per round as a standard action (CL: paladin levels + archon HD), though the Righteous Avenger is actually capable of doing this itself, leaving its wielder to make attacks and do other things. Only the area dispel is possible, not the targeted dispel or counterspell versions of greater dispel magic.

All spells and abilities are effectively generated as by a 20th level cleric of Good and Law.

As an intelligent item, the Righteous Avenger bestows 3 negative levels on anyone that is not lawful good in alignment, as an artifact this penalty doubles to 6 negative levels. Furthermore, any evil creature that finds itself in possession of this artifact takes 2 negative levels; chaotic creatures (even good ones) take 1 negative level; chaotic evil creatures take 3 negative levels; these are in addition to the 6 negative levels bestowed for not sharing the lawful good alignment and outsiders take twice as many negative levels (i.e. -16, -14, and -18 respectively).

Strong abjuration; CL 20th; Imprisonment.


Also called Demonslayer and Demon’s Bane, this luminous silvery blade with white and gold hilts appears in most ways as a large Holy Avenger, and is renowned across the planes as a bane to evil, and especially demons, ever since it cut a legendary swath through the Abyss. It is usually only seen outside the celestial planes when the heavenly forces send it in the hands of a powerful Hound Archon Hero, often matched with the Shield of the Paladin and equally powerful armor; which does not happen lightly. Rarely is such a powerful artifact entrusted to any mortal for any length of time.

Some legends say this sword was forged by Heironeous himself, others say Moradin, others still name other gods of good and lawful disposition that are renowned for their valor and smithcraft. As far as anyone can tell, this blade did originate from the celestial planes, and an archon of legendary power and zeal sacrificially bound its spirit to the sword in order to further the cause of righteousness.

The pommel is set with a unique, exquisitely and expertly cut gemstone half the size of a big man’s fist; the shape of a diamond pointed star with concave sides; that changes color depending on the disposition of the resident archon spirit. When the resident archon’s disposition is particularly joyful, happy, blissful, or the like, the gem is clear as the purest diamond or crystal. When satisfied, calm, content, reflective, meditating, prayerful, or the like, the gem shines a rich, deep, royal blue, as a morning freshwater lake. When angry, vengeful, or in the presence of evil (especially demon-ilk), the gemstone flares and burns brightly with the color of holy fire. The Righteous Avenger never experiences fear for itself, but when its attitude is that of concern, commiseration, empathy, compassion, or the like, its gemstone glows a soft, pastoral green hue, much like a sunny green hillside pasture.

Righteous Avenger

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