The crossbow of fiery death.

weapon (ranged)

Major Artifact

The Spitfire behaves as a +2 Fireshaped Flaming Heavy Crossbow for those that are neither friend nor foe of fire. For anyone that is ‘of fire’ however, it takes on the base characteristics of a +5 Keen Fireshaped Flaming Burst Heavy Crossbow of Speed, except that it reloads like a light repeating crossbow with an unlimited clip and imparts the benefit of the Rapid Shot and Rapid Reload feats to its wielder. Additionally, if the wielder rolls within the critical threat range when confirming a critical hit, the bolt fired explodes in a fireball after all other damage is dealt. If the confirmation roll was a natural 20, this causes the target to explode, instantly slaying it. (More likely the target is already dead, in which case it explodes anyway.) This ability is based on the innate power of the Spitfire, not the anatomy of the target; therefore, any target that is immune to fire cannot be affected by this ability, but things that are immune to critical hits can still suffer this fate (though they still do not take normal bonus critical damage); such creatures are also susceptible to the Spitfire’s Flaming Burst ability. For example, a gelatinous cube, or a skeleton could be affected by this ability, but a fire elemental could not. All of the Spitfire’s base damage may be dealt as fire damage instead of normal damage (so that all damage dealt is dealt as fire damage). It also reveals (most of) the fullness of its true nature to those particularly apt:

The Spitfire is an intelligent artifact that has a pyromaniacal personality: if its owner isn’t starting fires often enough, it will do so spontaneously. Even if its stowed in a (non-magical) pack.

  • Abilities: Speech, Telepathy, 120ft. darkvision, blindsense, and hearing.
  • Lesser Powers: cast Faerie Fire 3/day, major image (fire based only) 1/day.
  • Greater Power: use Wall of Fire: any shape 1/day.
  • Dedicated Power: cast Delayed Blast Fireball 3/day.
  • Artifact Power: cast Meteor Swarm 1/week.

All spells and spell-like effects are treated as if cast by a 20th level elemental sorcerer.

Woe to those who are opposed to fire (e.g. water/cold type/subtype) and happen upon this item.

Strong evocation; CL 20th; Meteor Swarm.


The Spitfire was forged by a Red Dwarf sorcerer during the first expansion of darkness when hordes of goblinoids, orcs, dark elves, skeletons, zombies, and other foul creatures were massing across the lands. The Spitfire was created to generate sustained firepower against many many foes, while still being able to hold back stronger ones. It is thought to be one of the most ancient artifacts in all of existence, and few of the facts surrounding its origin have any surety about them. More than a few rumors suggest that a great dragon was actually responsible for its creation, or empowered it after its original creation. After the Spitfire was re-discovered in Archlond, it was stolen by a mysterious band of pirates; its current location could be … anywhere.

It appears to be composed of red wood, and brass, gilded and inlaid with gold and fiery precious gems. It appears to be perpetually immolated as with a Permanent Continual Flame spell. If found by itself it will be surrounded by fire. Even when stowed or in frigid climes it maintains a constant warmth (10-20 degrees warmer than ambient temperature).

When the Spitfire chooses to adopt a wielder, that wielder gains immeasurable status amongst the creatures of fire; those opposed (esp. morally) consider the wielder to be among their greatest threats (or threats to their cause); those who are not opposed show much more respect for the wielder than they otherwise would (as if they were 1-2 attitude categories more favorable); lastly, those who would otherwise be haughty (e.g. because of elemental purity or superiority, such as elementals, salamanders, djinn, dragons, etc.) are much less so. This effect is quite noticeable.


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