Aschlaadt, the western territory of Archlond, is alive with the Church of Heironeous; clerics and paladins abound here, though ironically, rangers who are worth their gold can also be found here. However, as lamented in The Desecration, the High Temple of Heironeous at the base of the northern Dragonspine has fallen to the forces of evil. These times are dark indeed. The woodlands near the Archlond Sea in this land share part of a border with the wild country and as such are home to rangers, druids, barbarians, and all others who respect nature. This peaceful coexistence is tenuous given the ever encroaching forces of darkness; so far as any bard knows, they’ve yet to desecrate these forests, but who knows how long their pause will last? Even the seers have not said. Heironeous is not the only deity worshipped here; in fact most good and lawful deities are revered within these borders; Heironeous, being both lawful and good holds a place of honor, especially after the barbarian invasion. The three major countries in Aschlaadt are:

Hizron: The westernmost country in Aschlaadt, it is dominated by plains and fields, divided by a few lesser rivers. Towards the north and south, it includes part of the foothills of the Dragonspine Mountains where the country’s dominion holds. The country has given rise to the most and the most notable Paladins in Archlond’s history. The stronghold city of Champavelier lies perched along the cliffs of the western shelf.

Agrilar: The domain of the forests, swamps, and other such terrain in Aschlaadt is generally that of this country, east of Hizron and south of Cilroth. Most of the “wild-folk” can be found here, though Rangers are the most notable (Druids, Barbarians, and other such adventurers of most renown are said to have come from the southernmost countries in Archlond).

Cilroth: Bound by the Dragonspine Mountains to the north, the Archlond Sea to the east, and Agrilar to the south and west, this country is home to the High Temple of Heironeous. It is also home to many other temples, and their Clerics. Paladins, of course, visit and defend the churches and temples of their deities, as do all the faithful, regardless of class or profession. The landscape includes plains, fields, hills, mountains (the higher foothills of the Dragonspine), forests, and even moors and swampland.


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