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Alysium is the southern country in Arcona, the northern land of Archlond. It is particularly reputed for its champions and scholars of arcane magic, especially various wizards. The terrain is generally mountainous with many sheer cliffs, and the country is divided by the Northern Gap, which is spanned by a colossal bridge. Most of the communities are rural mountaineer communities, whose inhabitants subsist primarily as hunters, gatherers, shepherds, and the like, though there is some room for farming. The other common source of wealth is crafted goods and trading, as the dwarves and elves want to keep their privacy, and most humans find these races to be equally exotic and unsociable.

Notable Locations:

  • The Great Bridge – a colossal edifice spanning a massive canyon between the two wings of the Northern Dragonspine mountain range.
  • Aclymos is founded on one of the tallest habitable peaks of the Dragonspine Mountains, and is the closest of all the cities in Arcona to being a capitol city. His Royal Highness the Archduke of Alysium and High King of all Arcona reigns from his throne within the towering castle that thrusts like a spike from the heart of the city.
  • Castlegate, as the city is colloquially called, lies on the Aystlun Highway in eastern Alysium, between the Great Bridge and the the boundary with Floach. It guards the north-bound pass to the higher elevations where the cities and towns of Clayfthwolde, Aclymos, and The City of Castles can be found.
  • Aascliyte (The City of Castles) is, among other things, one of the great bastions of wizardry in Archlond.
  • Stonebridge is actually two communities on either end of the Great Bridge. Much like Castlegate and the City of Castles, the great bridge is flanked by massive castle-fortresses that act as gatehouses.
  • Geauford is a small town off the main road leading to the Bridge. Among its considerable fortifications is a keep.
  • Clayfthwolde is a walled community that sits in the saddle of a narrow, notch-like pass in the Dragonspine Mountains.

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Ilthaeliwyeann, one of the high elven citadels is perched on a mountain spur in the western territory. It is a heavily fortified city that sees substantial trade with the other peoples of northern Archlond.

The main dwarven redoubt can be found in a secluded hollow closer to the southwestern border, albeit with some difficulty.

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