Arcona is the northern region in Archlond, occupied by the northern Dragonspine and the frozen fields and forests north of the ’Spine in the corner of the lozenge (rather, what used to be a corner). While the human population is relatively sparse, most walks of life are represented here, but most notable are those following the arcane or ascetic traditions, or those who devote their lives to the law and its inquisition (lawyers, detectives, etc.). Also noteworthy is the presence of the non-human peoples: they mostly leave to themselves and therefore seem to prefer the seclusion offered by the mountains. The Dragonspine Mountains are well forested, even amongst the loftier peaks, despite their prodigious heights, and there is a Great Canyon in the midst of the western part of the northern ’Spine as well. Politically there are three major human countries in the region; the Dwarves have their own realm beneath the mountains; the elves are likewise withdrawn and govern themselves; and the littlefolk are rather well dispersed, finding homes among the dwarves & elves, or within the human communities, or even carving out their own settlements amongst the mountains. Orc-kin and other “monstrous” peoples are said to be the only race one cannot find outside of a dungeon in this land; an understandable sentiment since both of the times they made an entrance were alongside the enemies of Archlond. Most of the human settlements are fairly small, but there are four major cities in Arcona, including the three major capitals, and the city of Castles. Despite this fact, castles abound throughout Arcona, not including those in the cities; a phenomenon readily aided by the abundance of stone and timber. The three major nations are divided roughly along a three-point star with one of the points aligned almost directly north along the North River. The countries of Arcona are as follows:

Alysium stretches along the central southern border of the region, and works its way up into the higher mountains along the North River, over ‘dwarf country’. The terrain is mostly rocky and mountainous, though there are plenty of alpine woodlands, meadows, and rivers throughout. A great fortified bridge (of dwarven construction) spans the Northern Gap, joining the two wings of the country together. The country is home to the most highly regarded of arcanists in all the Four Lands, especially wizards and seers; it is the origin of Beau Longbottle’s tale. Major Cities: Castles, Castlegate, Aclymos,

Aethlos occupies the western part of the region of Arcona, and the mountains therein. The mountains are heavily forrested, save for the highest of peaks, and it is thought that most of the dwarves excursions are located here. As such, many of Archlond’s monasteries are located here, though most of them still operate at least near some enclave or community, and more than a few are associated with churches or temples or shrines.

Floach occupies the eastern stretch of Arcona, and much of the mountains here. This part of the Dragonspine is more often barren than its western counterpart, though there are a number of places that support civilization. This country is thought to be the breeding grounds for various reprobates, as no distingushably useful or respectable classes are ever noted for coming from here. The people are considered lazy, which is not the truth as will attest those who travel there …

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