Broken Fate

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“Look in the sky; three crows fly! Look through the trees; what do you see? What be these portents; who can say? Only the brave shall meet their fate – but the strong might break it!”

In search of adventure, honor, fortune, fame, and anything else that strikes their fancy, a few childhood friends are about to come of age. By tradition, this is to be their first test of strength, honor, independence, and other attributes they’ve been raised to aspire to: their Rite of Passage – and what better time and place than on a late-autumn eve amidst the loftier shoulders of the rugged Yur-Khtol Mountains?. Already the din of beating drums fills the air; soundly echoed by the roaring crackle of flames and the deep voices bellowing ritual chants, preparing and celebrating the coming trial; round is passed the bowl, the ritual drink to be shared: a toast to kith and kin, for kin these supplicants are.

The air is always cold up in the mountains; and on this autumn eve a chill wind snaps between the rocks and crags of the mountain thorp – a vital but slowly growing community that frontiers the southerly barbarian lands, and reaches out to the few savage acquaintances that hearken home to these inhospitable lands. This “village,” if the motley camp of thatch-roofed hovels and animal-skin tents could even be called such, would easily be overlooked but for the great fire presently leaping towards the heavens. Trade is so scarce that only the barest of trails suggest the ways to and from Clan Bloodspear, and the bare rock of the mountainside resists even the heaviest footprint. Clan Bloodspear of course, carved this niche out of the rock to prove the clan’s strength – and for some protection from those who could easily overrun such a small band.

Every few years or so, when enough have grown old enough to face the Trial, these new clansmen are tasked with bringing back a live Golden Ram for the ritual winter sacrifice, but not all always make it back alive. Despite being accustomed to the mountain cold, not all are hardy enough to survive such a trial, and still there are other hazards along the way: wolves and worse to beset the hunters. One seemingly stray “path” winds its way towards and up the nearby cliff-face; this is the way our would-be adventurers will dare to take . . . the Path to Freedom.

“Let them go, and bring back the Golden Ram! On with them; to the Hunt!” shouts the revelrous clan, “We must have the Sacrifice!” they say, “Tomorrow will be the Boar Hunt, and the Great Feast!”


This campaign covers the adventures of 4 to 5 “barbarians,” such as the classic barbarian (Viking, Highlander, Gladiator, Beastrider, etc.), the wise mystic (druid, sorcerer, shaman, witchdoctor, etc.), and other “misfit” faithful companions; bandits, hunters, mountain men, wild savages, exotic foreigners, even martial artists. Should they venture into the dangerous and often strange lands of Yur, these adventurers shall discover untold wonders . . . if it be so fated; for ultimately, they may discover the true nature of Yur, and whether or not Fate might be Broken. The curious should see Yur and especially Yur Characters for more information.

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