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Here follow the known Chronicles of Erdon, as of yet untold.
Here ye may find adventure:
Here, there be dragons.

Erdlond Campaigns:

  • A New Evil – A classic campaign with something for almost everyone (good for newer players).
  • The Warrior Prince – A bold and daring quest to find and aid a great hero on his final mission.
  • Fireburn: The Quest for the Spitfire – A mission of dire need to save the world.

Barbarian & Wild Campaigns:

  • Broken Fate – A highly player-driven campaign in a barbarian setting, where just about anything goes.
  • The Barbarian Adventures – A tale of wanderlust, and the adventures that follow.
  • Gathering the Clans – To free the lands from tyranny, the clans must unite . . . for a time.
  • The Barbarian Resurgence – After uncountable attempts to seal themselves away from the monstrous races that followed, the barbarian peoples have resolved to reclaim their lands: all of them.
  • Return to Vraxydraelokt’s Lair – Over a century after the dragon Vraxydraelokt the Bringer of Ashes was slain in his mountain lair, smoke rises anew from its lofty peaks, and treasures from his hoard of old are disappearing – as are elves, fey, and other creatures of the forest below.
  • The New World Saga – With the unending onslaught of monstrous creatures of darkness, the barbarians have divined and discovered a new and untamed world that while inhospitable, should give these new monsters pause to follow (if they even can). Escaping the wave of darkness, the barbarians must now settle into this untamed wilderness and forge a new destiny.

Archon Campaigns:

Other Campaigns

  • Into the Nexus – A stranger campaign style of more riddlesome intrigue, ingenuity, adventure, and action.

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