The Doctrines are quasi-religious codes held most often by particular organizations; there are three major doctrines known to exist in Erdon, practiced mostly in Archlond.

The Doctrine of Order holds that everything has its place and purpose, since all things come from the same source(s) and are essentially and fundamentally uniform. Its proponents seek to realize this harmony by actively displaying this fundamental nature; the more zealous also require such display from others. Many of the residents and descendents of Archlond (the Children of Order) subscribe to this code to some degree. Some adherents of this creed work to equalize or proportion everything, sometimes regardless of input or contribution. The most reliable authorities on the Doctrine of Order (and most of the Doctrine’s proponents) hold that the so called “Communal Doctrine” is a corrupted view.

The Doctrine of Balance sometimes competes with the other doctrines in apparent contradiction; this doctrine holds that all things have their purpose, but that the world tends toward an ideal equilibrium. Espousers of this doctrine seek to counter the extremes, and introduce a proportionate or equal representation of differing sources (e.g. races). The Circle of Pelor, a most notorious cult, is a prominent example of those who espouse this doctrine.

The Doctrine of Justice rarely conflicts with the other doctrines except when taken to the extreme that its favored followers tend to seek. In the extreme view there is no room for mercy of any kind. Poor decisions must reap the consequences, but fortunate persons have axiomatic evidence of the merits of their labor. However, dishonest means are always frowned upon, even though the victims are sometimes held partially responsible for inducing their own ruin.

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