Dragonspine Mountains

The Magus of Order modeled Archlond with these mountains, though no one knows exactly why. Probably for defensive and other functional reasons. In any case, when the Artifices of Protection were destroyed, a great rift washed out of the center of each mountain range. These great chasms, called the Northern and Southern Gap respectively, are now spanned by long bridges; some of which are quite magnificent, some of which one wouldn’t wish to trust their lives to unless a more certain peril were their only alternative.

The Dwarven Clans of Archlond have holed themselves up in a now extensive network of mines and tunnels that twists throughout the Northern Dragonspine. Apparently the Clans have tapped into most of the important metals (adamantine being a heavenly ore) via their delving; though, they hoard their wealth almost as tightly as any dragon. They work closely with the gnomes who often act as go-betweens, merchants, or finishers of metal products (i.e. smiths) for the other races.

Some of the elves have also taken up refuge along the Northern Dragonspine, the grey elves having built the loftiest of havens among the higher crags, near the citadel of the giants and the eyries their eagles. The High elves maintain their own mountain citadel on a butte that springs trom the same mountains, albeit somewhat comfortably below the tree line.

Other mountains in Archlond include:

Blade Mountain: When the barbarians first invaded, one of the defenses they faced was a high hill that had been thickly planted with spears, swords, axes, and other melee weapons. The barbarians rushed up the hill to the staked tower atop it, killed the defenders, burned the tower, and routed the nearby Archons, heedless of the wounds they drew. After making camp, they collected the weapons of their enemies, along with their own broken weapons, and planted them in the same hill they stormed until all had been used. As they continued to conquer, they brought mroe weapons of the slain, and broken weapons of the victors, to grow the armory, and did thus until none more could be planted – it had been a contest to see who could plant a blade whilst incurring the fewest wounds. When no more could be planted, the contest became one of planting the weapons amongst the existing ones; blade or point ‘up.’ and from the furthest distance. When none more could be piled on successfully, they used the mountain in their training rituals, to go retrieve a weapon – he who brought the best being the winner. So an equilibrium was maintained, until Helmfonleif fell, and the dark elves invaded. By last report this mountain remains, bristling with more blades than ever – and rumors abound that weapons of fantastic power lie buried amonsts the wrecks.

Deadtree Mountain: A lone forested mountain rose above the surrounding forest; now the mountain and surrounding forest have been withered as the forces of darkness have established their presence there; the surrounding forest is called the Dead Forest.

Evergreen Mountain: A little known elven mound in the otherwise permanently snow-blighted northern tundra, above the North ’Spine.

Also of note are the four Guardian Mountains: Lookout Mountain, Mount Seer, Mount Sentinel, and Watchtower Mountain; towers were built on each of these mountains, situated along the four coasts. Lookout Mountain and Watchtower Mountain were raised after the Southern Dragonspine collapsed, in order to watch the seas. The barbarians razed the post on Watchtower Mountain when they invaded, but later aided in its reconstruction. The forces of darkness have razed the tower a second time, and it now lies in ruins. When the North Dragonspine collapsed, the other two towers were built on the northen coasts. Each of these locations lies nearer the beachheads, yet still atop the bluffs.

Forgotten Mountain:

Dragonspine Mountains

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