Dwarven Clans of Archlond

When the Magus of Order foresaw the coming evil, many dwarf-kin went underground, but some decided to depart with their human allies. From them stemmed a new hierarchy of dwarven clans; each eventually dominating the dealings in one of Archlond’s mineral resources, or a guild. These are the major clans of dwarves that teleported with the men of Erdon when the continent of Archlond was made. The dwarves keep to the mountains so much that some have nicknamed the Dragonspine Mountains “Dwarf Country.”

Bolderdek: This clan is in charge of the dwarven stonemasons’ guild, and subsequently does most of the masonry in Archlond. This hasn’t led to much controversy with the human population as dwarf work is often regarded as better, and is higher priced. A number of communities in Archlond have fighting arenas, and some of these are also run by the Bolderdek clan.

Brommel: The Brommel clan is responsible for all the quarrying done by dwarves in Archlond – which is all the quarrying period. While they allow some other dwarf families to excavate certain areas, the Brommels generally mine ‘common’ stone themselves, and for local jobs will also do the masonry as well – without complaint from the Bolderdeks.

Einkil: Any dwarf who wishes to become skilled in martial combat would do well to join a fighters’ guild run by clan Einkil; for only the best of dwarven champions emerge from this family. Clan Einkil specifically runs the order of Dwarven Defenders.

Thollkin: Probably the smallest clan, these dwarves are split between the two jobs dwarves find least becoming: sorcery and stealth. Or more specifically, the dwarven arcanists and scouts. Usually these are wizards and rangers, but sorcerers, bards, rogues, monks, and even (if oddly) druids come from this clan. Information and knowledge is their trade, and they excel at it, which sometimes even earns the praise of their fellow dwarves (which is rare even among dwarves who are on very good terms with each other).

Rumbolgar: Clan Rumbolgar is the foremost mining clan; though these days they shave the profits of other mines as much as they mine their own ores and gems. They also have a notable rum distillery; in fact, it’s the only rum distillery on Archlond. The clan leader holds titles of “Lord of the Dwarven Hoard”. The domain is suspected to be a vast network of tunnels; one giant “city-thorp” for mining.

Strakeln: Known as the Dwarves of Steel they are fairly well known as master smiths, especially their armours. As it proves handy, they maintain a modest iron mine that supplies the bulk of their smithies’ raw materials. Clan Rumbolgar doesn’t seem to mind.

Thulgrim: All dwarven banking is done through this clan. Indeed, most of what little banking occurs amongst the humans of Archlond is overseen or dealt with by clan Thulgrim. If Rumbolgar is Lord of the Dwarven Hoard; Thulgrim is its Keeper. They also have a notable whisky distillery whose still is popular in the southern regions of Archlond, where ’tis said that the whisky stays refreshingly cold while tasting just as good as any other.

Ulgaroth: The true masters of dwarven ale, a fair sight better than most other stuff, clan Ulgaroth is responsible for the brewing and distilling of dwarven alcohol, except for the Rumbolgars’ operation, and a whisky distillery on the frozen northern coast run by clan Thulgrim. Clan Ulgaroth has their own whisky distillery in the Misty Moors, but they focus more on the brewing of ale.

Ungart: Every dwarven king, judge, and high priest of Moradin has this surname; and the reason is so secret that most dwarves don’t even know it. It is also rumored that this clan discovered some great mystery at the heart of Erdon. While the chief of the Rumbolgar clan may be called “Lord of the Dwarven Hoard,” this merely refers to his charge over the dwarves most profitable venture. The true “King Under the Mountain” is responsible for managing affairs between the clans and between dwarves and other races. His kin are administrators, managers, diplomats, clerics, lawyers, judges, and any other position that relates to law, religion, or politics.

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