Elves in Archlond

There are 5 races of elves known in Archlond: Grey Elves, High Elves, Wood Elves, Wild Elves, and Dark Elves.

The Grey Elves remain secluded in an undiscovered citadel near the highest crags of the northern Dragonspine. They are almost never seen in Archlond; of the few that have been encountered, most have been in Arcona. Grey Elves tend to receive better respect from humans in Archlond; partly because they are typically the same height as a man (or taller), and partly because their serene manners blend well with the generally lawful nature of the people. To the men of Archlond, they are elves, but not elves.

The High Elves are perhaps the most diverse of the elves. They have one known citadel where men and other folk may encounter them, but are rumored to have a second, secret one higher up in the mountains – it is not determined whether this be distinct from the grey elves’ city; the elves are silent about the matter on the whole. Other than this, high elves are perhaps the most frequently encountered of elves, though even this is rare. They seem to roam across all lands, prefering none, and are just as likely to be seen in a human city as a forest. Most encounters have probably occured to merchants traveling to the fortress city Ilthaeliwyeann.

The Wood Elves are much more expansive having sprawled throughout the northern forests. Though some have now ventured into those above the Southern Gap, and along the the baseline of the Southern Dragonspine a ways. They supposedly have a forest citadel towards the south, and another large settlement in the northern forests, but generally they live in smaller communities or even in isolation, watching and guarding the forests.

The Wild Elves are said to be barbaric and feral, shunning even their own kind. They originally moved as far south into barbarian lands as they could, but apparently did not migrate east when the barbarians were driven through the Southern Gap by the invasion of Dark Elves. Like many barbarians they seem to prefer the barren rocky mountain spires of the Southern Dragonspine, and are believed responsible for the rickety wooden deathtraps that span the Southern Gap. The Wild elves are almost completely nomadic; they have a ‘city’, but it is little more than a great bazaar; for most, this is the only place to find a wild elf, but for others it’s the worst place to find one. It is rumored that elf barbarians wielding greataxes and mounted on giant eagles patrol the mountain crests.

The Dark Elves invaded Archlond from the south, much like the barbarians before them, and spewed through the Southern Gap. The people of Archlond are all too familiar with their vile and heinous actions, but nothing is known about their holdings except that they’ve taken many from the people of Archlond, most sadly including the High Temple of Heironeous. According to the barbarian survivors, they’ve completely overrun the south lands, albeit with the help of other monstrous and dreadful races such as orcs and goblins.

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