Floating Islands of the Elves

About the time that men created Archlond to escape the coming darkness, the elves opted to create a series of islands for themselves. These floating paradises they made to sail upon the clouds, and fly above the seas, where none could reach. Because of their magical nature, these islands have always been invisible to even the most potent of seers. Here now the elves live in peace, rarely bothering to influence the world except in the most subtle of ways. Those elves who believe their presence is necessary in the thick of things either never went to the Islands, or have since returned from the islands, careful always to leave no trace to their new homelands. Only once has a human arrived upon these white shores: a virtuous man by the name of Asmond, and his brave and virtuous crew.

The Islands are sometimes said to lie in the East, sometimes in the West, some speculate the North, and by the time someone starts talking about the South Seas almost no one is listening anymore. Whatever the case may be, those who venture after them, and return, never report success.

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Floating Islands of the Elves

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