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Geauford is a small town at the river fjord just off of the main road to Castlegate (via the Bridge). A smaller road leads here, which merchants, traders, farmers, and other vendors use to travel by. Geauford has a keep protecting it, which is situated atop a bluff overlooking the fjord, and the main road that crosses it. The lord of the keep, Sir Geauford, is a knight of significant renown. His administrator Darrin is said to be an exceptionally clever man and does most of the paperwork.

The town has commissioned a 15ft. masonry wall (5ft. thick) with towers and a gatehouse that will lead directly into the keep, walling off the western gap between the bluffs and the northside mountain face; it is currently under construction. The town is currently fortified with a 10 ft. spiked wooden palisade and sporadic temporary wooden watchposts (a pair of which guard the road into town) that runs along the western side down to the castle grounds. The castle grounds sit atop a rocky bluff to the south that overlooks the main road – a highly defensible position; mountains wall off the north side; and a small river runs along the east. There is a dock as well, protected between the castle and a tower upriver. Townsfolk can hole up in the main hall, the castle, or even the towers around. Fewer than 25 dwarves and gnomes live and work in Geauford; they have constructed an underground enclave where they conduct their business. The halflings don’t seem too concerned about escape either, in fact, they actually have their own ‘district’ the size of a tiny thorp where the market is located. Sometimes traders just pass through though. The dwarves do most of the metal and stone work in town; one of the gnomes often entertains in the main hall, tavern, and castle, and the rest provide alchemical services from a tower set in the same hill as the dwarves’ hole. The public stables (for couriers & visitors) has been hewn into the side of this hill below the gnomes’ tower, and the main hall has been erected at the top to the hill. A small (5ft.) wooden palisade surrounds the hill from the settlement’s early days.

People in Geauford:

Nearby Geography and Locations:

  • There is a dwarven mining colony along the road northwards past Geauford’s main gate; no one is admitted without a dwarven escort – if they can even find the place. No news has come from there for a while; but that’s not terribly unusual for dwarves.
  • The main road west descends past a small hamlet that is guarded by a minor noble who lives in a small castle.
  • The road east turns south again after it crosses the fjord, rising along its way to the Great Bridge. There are some mountaineers who can be found that way, but not at least for a day’s walk.
  • The river flows south, quickly descending along a steep water chute that twists eastward, back under the main road as it cuts south. It is thought to empty into the lake below, but none have been careless enough to go down that way.
  • On its east side the river is bounded by a low ridge that sprouts from the hillock beyond the fjord, and serves to wall off the river from the lake below.

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