Geography of Erdon


The main continent is generally called Erdlond in the common tongue, and is by far the largest of Erdon’s landmasses; so large in fact, that even from the loftiest (unobstructed) height, not even an elf can see its entire breadth (i.e. the furthest coasts are still beyond the horizon). Erdlond is thought to cover as much as 25% of all the surface of Erdon, though no emperor has maintained power long enough to commission a complete survey, and none of the extremely few independent explorers has managed to complete such an undertaking. Perhaps the dragons know for sure, but finding one of them is difficult and dangerous enough – let alone bargaining for anything beyond one’s life, if even that can be secured.

Regions of Erdlond:

Other Lands:

Beyond Erdon:

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Geography of Erdon

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