Military Organizations

Military guilds, orders, and other organizations fall into a diverse spectrum from the traditional and blatant to the arcane; what they all have in common is an obligation to serve king and(or) country in defense and war; this often extends to domestic guardianships. The notable types of military organizations are as follows:

Knightly Orders are a cut above the normal guilds for warriors or soldiers. They are less common, and usually have some significance: some are religious, some are noble, some are formed by entirely different authorities; but all knightly orders are focused around an authority greater than a mere hierarchy of knights. Knightly orders typically train and equip their members better than the other types of military organizaions.

Ranger Guilds are usually quasi-military at best, though some guilds are more readily integrated. Certain Ranger Guilds such as in Acheron, exist for special tactical and yeoman training, which highly benefits the rangers of those lands, who are less isolated than elsewhere. In their military roles these organizations serve as guides, scouts, patrols, vanguards, messengers, informants, trackers, and even spies for their noble or other authority.

Investigator Guilds exist to train and regulate (i.e. license) investigators of all sorts. These can include private detectives or public inquisitors, and even certain churches may have similar institutions. Such professionals can be sleuths, journalists, even bounty hunters, and anything of the sort. A specific guild can preside over one or more of these types of investigators, but it is unusual for such organizations to cover a wide array of disciplines. If one does, the disciplines will have some critical elements in common, such as the keen eye for clues and ear for details that public detectives and journalists may share.

Warmage Guilds are those set aside for battlecasters and warwizards and other mages who serve as part of a military; whether on the front lines as with the fire giants, or staying back to better effect strategy as the elven seers. Some clerical orders for warpriests exist as well, whether to support their troops with divine blessings, or just to heal them in the thick, or even to blast the enemy with divine might.

Warrior Guilds offer training and opportunity for those aspiring to combat readyness. They supply the cities and towns with constables and guards, but also retain mercenaries for hire. In some lands they produce gladiators and among the barbarian peoples a vague form may exist. The elves and dwarves generally keep an integrated military, which resembles such a guild in many ways.

Monastic Orders almost always exist in a martial context, though their members are normally at peace with everyone until provoked. Since monasteries are normally founded away from society at large, and their members tend to be reclusive, not many details are known about these organizations; though many monks would contend that the details are either trivial, or that their order is intentionally simplistic. Some religions notably foster associated monastic orders.

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Military Organizations

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