Order of Thelon

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Mostly hailing from Eastern Acheron, Thelonic Knights are widely regarded as masters of martial combat; there are few who can match their prowess on the battlefield. Though not religious, the Thelonic Order does not shun or disadvantage Paladins, or any one else for that matter; they care only about martial merit, if that be achieved by divine or other means, so be it.


  • Complete the Gauntlet and Initiation Rites without magical aid of any kind.
  • Compete and win at least one sanctioned arena bout, joust, or other match each year.

The Thelonic Knights do not collect any form of annual dues, but instead charge for member services; and Furthermore, the price paid is not always gold or silver, but sometimes is blood – or at least the risk thereof. Entry is gained by mettle, not by gold.


  • Minimal required expenses, regulations, and upkeep.
  • Expert training in martial combat skills; even ones that are otherwise difficult to find.
  • Access to quality smiths: the Order maintains prized relations with the smiths and merchants, and their guilds.
  • Quality gear available: most gear is of common quality, but masterwork gear is often available, and powerful items are said to be forged or retained for the Order’s best knights.
  • Training for mounts and barding provided to members.
  • Notable status and respect: Thelonic Knights are among the best recieved knights anywhere.
  • Wide array of guaranteed lodging space: most major human communities have a keep, tower, guild, manor, or the like run or owned by the Thelonic Order, which reserves space for adventuring brothers.

The Order of Thelon grants special access to many services that can only be purchased by members and has among the fewest regulations of any knightly order.

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The Thelonic Knights are readily greeted as champions of martial chivalry, and defenders of men from their enemies, especially in times of war and strife. Some however, believe that the Knights of Thelon are so devoted to the art of war that they actually bring it with them wherever they roam, and therefore are wary of their presence in peace time. This phenomenon was exemplified in eastern Acheron sometime after The Barbarian Wars when the old feuds between knights and barbarians seemed to flare up again; it was the Thelonic Order that saw the most conflict during this time. However, a diverse array of classes has joined this order, with the notable exception of pure casters such as clerics and arcanists, though a few druids are numbered among their ranks. Fighters are the most common martialists, but paladins also join, as do rangers and even barbarians. Ex-monks, ex-paladins, and even ex-clerics have joined. While spellcasters are rarely official members of the order, a number of casters – especially clerics – are retained or at least affiliated with the order for the sake of meeting the spiritual and magical needs of the individual Thelonic knights, if only nominally.

Thelon is a relatively small kingdom in eastern Acheron that has brought forth a number of great heroes of the Archons, perhaps most notably Lord Arcthellios and his descendents. It was in fact Prince Thellarion, great-grandson of Lord Arcthellios, who became King of Thelon and established the Order of Thelon; he has now passed in peace. Thellarion had two sons, Thelargon and Arcthionel, both of whom were slain in the valiant but vain defense of Acheron against the assault of the dark elves. Thellarion’s firstborn grandson, Thelarconas, now presides as King and Lord of the Order. The order holds to all the mandates of chivalry, but focuses on the call to martial discipline. A Thelonic knight may only be knighted by a Lieutenant of the Order, but his rank may be stripped by any of the Thelonic Order who bests him in single combat for this purpose. A Knight of Thelon may appeal his bereavment at the Court of Thelon, in Thelon.

Though the Thelonic Order is not religious, most martial deities hold a place of respect with the knights of the order, as do gods that represent secondary martial aspects such as strength and even destruction; these include even barbarian gods. Deities whose profiles are more academic, arcane, or abstract see decidedly less influence in the Order. Racial deities are usually only revered by members of their race, or races who have none other gods to turn to, but only if the deity’s portfolio is martial in nature.

Organizations in Erdon: Military Organizations: Knightly Orders:

Order of Thelon

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