Organizations in Erdon

Religious Orders are simply those organizations that exist to further the work of some divine or transcendent will. Most often important to clerics, druids, and other such characters, this category may also include organizations for rangers, monks, or even paladins. It is usually the purpose of a religious order to either address more domestic needs of the local populace, such as theological instruction, healing, guidance, religious ceremony, political advocation, and even the settling of minor disputes. Predominantly militant religious organizations are generally considered military organizations.

Guilds often regulate daily commerce or business, usually by setting the prices of goods and services, and licencing businesses to operate; they are predominantly found in human lands, especially Archon lands. However, other civilizations have adapted the guild concept to fit particular niches in their societies that are well suited to organization, or see some benefit that outweighs the cost. Notably the Barbarians have persistently refused to impose any such slavery upon themselves throughout their history; sometimes violently.

Military Organizations typically exist to serve the specific, yet encompassing responsibility to maintain the general defense of the people from both foreign and domestic threats. This is most often done by regulating and organizing the training, equipment, payment, advancement, and distribution of personnel selected for service.

Secret Organizations are not necessarily criminal in nature, but are usually at political or religious odds with the powers that be, or the local populace. They may have various ambitions including wealth and power, and may have religious, commercial, or military aspects to them, but they all have in common a need to avoid detection.

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Organizations in Erdon

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