Secret Organizations

Not all secret organizations are evil; a band of outlaws in the forest may be opposing a tyrant, and an underground resistance may seek to thwart the schemes of an evil city’s denizens. Members of criminal and other evil secret organizations often seek personal wealth or power; jockeying and scheming while trying to survive the plots of their fellow criminals, and while there may exist an odd criminal element with a notion of honor, most are unscrupulous. Oftentimes secret organizations are exterminated when discovered, especially if their activities tend to be illegal, or otherwise offensive to those in power, therefore little is truly known about such organizations, though speculation may run amok.

Thieves Guilds – many a city or town has seen the dark, gritty reality that can come from such guilds, and some even believe that there exists a greater, world-spanning criminal organization behind (or adjacent to) those that are known or suspected by local authorities. In some places there are actually official “Thieves Guilds” that exist to root out and apprehend such criminals; more information can be found here.

Assassins Guilds – if the other unsavory organizations weren’t bad enough, a number of places are suspected of housing organizations for even more vile sorts. More than a few hold that there is a hierarchy, or at least cooperative framework that exists between such guilds.

Espionage Guilds – most commonly sanctioned (albeity unofficially) by some authority, these organizations usually serve to keep more-or-less worthy persons informed and appraised of important news that would otherwise be impossible to come by. There are suspected to be a number of private organizations that will serve just about anybody, however.

Secret Cults – usually religious in nature, these organizations normally exist to serve dark and vile powers to unsavory and evil ends inside of lands that would never tolerate their open practice. However, some are actually arcanist covens or cabals, and some are actually the worshippers of good and lawful deities operating in evil lands. These may also include secret monastic orders that aren’t outright assassins, thieves, or spies, but operate according to a creed.

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Secret Organizations

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