Society in Archlond

The Archon people continually strive to restore and preserve the heritage of their forefathers, who were blessed as stewards of the Golden Age, all whilst staving off the forces of evil and chaos. The people of Archlond strive to promote the greater good by observing the two quintessential tenets: Worship and Order; to this end, the Law becomes paramount. Archon Law aspires to foster the Archon concept of Worship; thus much of it deals with form and conduct, especially towards authority and important personages; however, it also contains important basic provisions that more often apply to one’s peer relations, and even some rules about how one’s inferiors must and must not be treated. One of the intended byproducts of Archon Law is that it structures the social Order; specifically by outlining how actions must be measured (e.g. a measured response), providing for a uniform calendar, enforcing loyalty, and requiring Justice, among other things.

Community structure & interaction:
The people of Archlond generally carry an amicable, friendly disposition towards one another; they possess a goodly and lawful demeanor, and are sociable towards everyone who responds with like courtesy. People tend to live and work out their lives according to their station and tradition; finding their sense of self in terms of title, profession, home town, and family – e.g. father, mother, wife, or son. Communities usually have a local noble or magistrate who functions as the leader though there are exceptions, for example in particularly theocratic or magocentric places; most communal authorities are at least nominally subject to the feudal hierarchy. Guilds and other organizations form a secondary form of authority in many Archon communities; though their influence is typically limited to direct associates, and governs matters such as prices, wages, distribution, work, etc. However, communities tend to focus their efforts on some primary trade or business, and become known for distinct products, cultures, or other attributes, developing and honing some particular niche where their citizens can excel.

The Archon people generally take the defense of their homes and lands much more seriously than many other peoples, both from internal and external threats, so persons of questionable skills are wise to be extremely cautious in how they apply themselves;

Those who are clearly chaotic in their appearance or behavior, such as most half-orcs and barbarians, can expect little if any favor in most Archon communities; they are generally treated only as sociably as the law requires, generally mistrusted, and may even be resented. Obvious miscreants and those who are evil are not suffered without very good cause.

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Society in Archlond

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