The Fall of Palodius

Few have there lived and fewer yet live that hold greater glory, honor, and prestige amongst the Legends of Archlond than Sir Palodius, Holy Knight of Heironeous, who always brought hope to the righteous and fear to the wicked: a man of such prowess and nobility as had not been seen since the days of Arcthellios, High King of Archlond. For more than fifteen years the young knight did crusade throughout the land of Aschlaadt, rooting out and vanquishing many evils in the name of Heironeous so that in some minds there was to be found little if any practical difference betwixt the two names. When the legions of darkness did unleash their onslaught of destruction they did grievously wound Sir Lutrey, a knight of the Baron Gottfrey who was vassal in turn of King Palomar the Aschlaadt, and also the father of Palodius, whilst amidst the sire’s campaign to recover one of the passes through the southern range of the Dragonspine Mountains. Therefore Sir Palodius did assemble an army before his keep, and with them set out to meet the forces of evil head on, swearing their destruction that his dear injured father might live.

And so the tragedy befell, that assassins sent of the evil captain did assail the Castle of the Bronze Lion whilst Sir Palodius was away, and smite his father a mortal grievous blow, such as he died upon Palodius return. The Tragedy bemoans how father and son did pray for each other, and how it was that they were both decieved. Sir Palodius, hearing of his father’s death, turned about immediately to pursue the assassins and smite evil without rest; his father, hearing of his son’s fall in battle, gave in to his age and died of heartbreak, it is said. Even to this day, after all the many decades, the body of Sir Palodius has yet to be found, despite more than a few attempts to discover his final resting place, and by some more interested in his valuable, reputedly powerful, possessions than the honor and dignity due an knight of his caliber. The fair maidens count Sir Palodius’ death all the more tragic, for by all accounts Sir Palodius was a goodly handsome man, with long dark hair and eyes; and hard, sharp, striking features.

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The Fall of Palodius

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