The Triumph of Geauford

The Triumph of Geauford

Hail the victorious knight

Him that doth against all evil fight

And reckons them that died of death’s betrayal.

Hear now the trumpet sound

Hark! And trow it beckons

Knowest thou no fear

Though death come near

And sweetly soothing as the lark

Sir he is and Sir I say

For what can find such Quality

As Geauford, who triumphed in the Stir.

These lines now famous made, are credited to the half-elven troubadour Guillerre, who claims firsthand account of the battle at Geauford, a town now named for its rescuer from a contingent of goblin ilk. In his boasting he also claims, that the events did inspire this ryme in less than half an part of a day, by candlelight. Some of those who esteem themselves belonging to the higher echelons of poetic connoisseurs say that it shows. In any event, it has now made its subject very famous throughout Archlond, and inspired many a hero throughout the Four Lands; though this in turn has lead to many a foolhardy demise.

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