“Welcome … to Erdon”

Before getting started, you may wish to know about the world you’ve chosen to adventure upon; you can find a lot of useful information about Erdon here. Otherwise, suffice it to say that things had never been more peaceful, prosperous, or profound than at the height of the Golden Age. It was a time when the elves had the nearly unfettered opportunity to take full advantage of their longevity to advance the sciences and arts significantly; especially the arts of magic and alchemy (much of their knowledge, especially of complex machinery has been hidden or destroyed). When humanity began to flourish, mankind readily accepted what elvendom had to offer. Eventually, by human reckoning, the short lives of men (still much longer than they are now) begat glaring differences between these races, and the race of men sought to define themselves apart from the elves. It was this schizm of sorts, that made the fall of Erdon inevitable, though many hope that this difference will yield Erdon’s redemption as well. That time is now the stuff of legends and myths; for even the oldest and wisest of elves count that time as ancient history. Now the world of Erdon faces the imminent threats of darkness and death. The fundamental rhythm of the world is disjointed, even threatened in the places that guard it best; such as the pastoral floating islands of the elves: where beauty and nature would yet thrive; the artificial continent of Archlond in the East: where men of valour would reign in peace; the Wild Lands of the South: where the barbarian peoples would be free, or the heart of the world: where dwarvenkind and their friends would be left to their business. While the main continent is overrun with the creatures of darkness; it is said that noble giants live monastically in the Frozen Heights, that the oldest of dragons yet live in the fiery lands of the east. The jungles and woodlands are rumored to be overrun with horrors that drive back even the Dark Hosts.

As for character options; standard D&D 3.5 Races & Classes are always good choices, others may be permitted by the DM. There may be some restrictions depending on the specific campaign.

The Chronicles of Erdon