Staffs of Dragonkind

These staffs allow their wielders to cast spells that resemble the powers of a dragon.


Staff of the Dragon (Black): Tiny patches of faded black leather and dark purple velvet are irregularly spaced along this shaft of warped, rotten driftwood. A pair of horns from a very young black dragon’s half-decayed head bracket a small amethyst that adorns the top. The staff allows the use of the following spells:

  • Curse water (1 charge)
  • Darkness (1 charge)
  • Insect plague (1 charge)
  • Acid fog (2 charges)
  • Charm monster (2 charges)
  • Plant growth (3 charges)

Moderate varied; CL 11th; Craft Staff, curse water, darkness, plant growth, charm monster, insect plague, acid fog; Price 85,465 gp.

Staff of the Dragon (Blue): Covered with scaly blue leather, except for a single wide stripe that snakes down one side and a brown topaz shaped like a rocky desert mountain clutched on top by six hooked black claws, this brazen staff allows the use of the following spells:

  • Create water (1 charge)
  • Ghost sound (1 charge)
  • Chain lightning (2 charges)
  • Dictum (2 charges)
  • Screen (3 charges)
  • Whirlwind (4 charges)

Strong varied; CL 15th; Craft Staff, create water, ghost sound, chain lightning, dictum, screen, whirlwind; Price 86,660 gp.

Staff of the Dragon (Green): Thorny yellow-brown vines twist about the leafy core of this wooden staff like a tangle of branches, shod with a scaly reptilian skin. A ring of tiny emeralds crowns each end of the staff, which allows the use of the following spells:

  • Cloudkill (1 charge)
  • Silence (1 charge)
  • Command plants (2 charges)
  • Water breathing (2 charges)
  • Dominate person (3 charges)

Moderate varied; CL 9th; Craft Staff, silence, water breathing, command plants, cloudkill, dominate person; Price 58,575 gp.

Staff of the Dragon (Red): Coated in leathery red scales that flicker and dance along its length like a hungering flame, with five black back-swept horns surrounding the sizable ruby on its top, this staff allows the use of the following spells:

  • Delayed blast fireball (1 charge)
  • Jump (1 charge)
  • Suggestion (1 charge)
  • Desecrate (2 charges)
  • Discern location (3 charges)
  • Find the path (3 charges)

Strong varied; CL 15th; Craft Staff, jump, desecrate, suggestion, find the path, delayed blast fireball, discern location; Price 136,465 gp.

Staff of the Dragon (White): This staff is made from the bleached thigh bone of a huge white dragon and riddled with deeply cut runes that glow a pale frosty blue when it is held. Affixed to the top is the upper palate of a young white dragon’s skull that holds a frosty blue quartz crystal. It allows the use of the following spells:

  • Gust of wind (1 charge)
  • Sleet storm (1 charge)
  • Cone of cold (2 charges)
  • Wall of ice (2 charges)
  • Control weather (4 charges)

Strong varied; CL 13th; Craft Staff, gust of wind, sleet storm, wall of ice, cone of cold, control weather; Price 89,815 gp.

Staff of the Dragon (Brass): This thin shaft drawn from the heart of a redwood tree is shod with a twisting, spiraling streamer of brass. A flat, split brass plate shaped like a primitive tribal chieftain’s mask divides the top of the staff, which allows the use of the following spells:

  • Searing light (1 charge)
  • Animate objects (2 charges)
  • Mass suggestion (2 charges)
  • Planar binding (3 charges)

Moderate varied; CL 11th; Craft Staff, searing light, mass suggestion, animate objects, planar binding; Price 67,950 gp.

Staff of the Dragon (Bronze): Webbed black horns and claws preen down the length of this bronze-headed cudgel, and an array of spikes thrust every direction from the top like a morningstar. The staff allows the use of the following spells:

  • Speak with animals (1 charge)
  • Fog cloud (1 charge)
  • Lightning bolt (1 charge)
  • Control water (2 charges)
  • Detect thoughts (2 charges)
  • Polymorph (2 charges)

Moderate varied; CL 8th; Craft Staff, speak with animals, fog cloud, detect thoughts, lightning bolt, polymorph, control water; Price 44,625 gp.

Staff of the Dragon (Copper): A pair of spiraling frills of finely beaten copper chase each other around a petrified core, fanning and billowing out at the top like bat wings. Four sets of overlapping triangular plates fashion the forking horns that stretch up from the top of the staff, which allows the use of the following spells:

  • Acid arrow (1 charge)
  • Spider climb (1 charge)
  • Confusion (2 charges)
  • Slow (2 charges)
  • Mislead (3 charges)
  • Polymorph any object (4 charges)

Strong varied; CL 15th; Craft Staff, acid arrow, spider climb, slow, confusion, mislead, polymorph any object; Price 92,625 gp.

Staff of the Dragon (Gold): This gem encrusted staff looks like it was made by rolling up several large irregular sheets of finely beaten gold. A few delicate gold chains dangle from the deep blue sapphire that coronates the staff’s head. Five thin, finger-like clasps made from layered gold sheets secure the gem, which sheds a fiery light as bright as a torch. The staff allows the use of the following spells:

  • Aid (1 charge)
  • Burning hands (1 charge)
  • Detect magic (1 charge)
  • Goodberry (1 charge)
  • Ray of enfeeblement (1 charge)
  • Sunburst (2 charges)
  • Water walk (2 charges)
  • Lesser geas (3 charges),
  • Shapechange (5 charges)

Strong varied; CL 17th; Craft Staff, detect magic, burning hands, goodberry, ray of enfeeblement, aid, water walk, lesser geas, sunburst, shapechange; Price 156,466 gp.

Staff of the Dragon (Silver): A silvery frill motif wraps around this narrow hollow staff that is constructed from a mithral lattice like a circular staircase nesting in its folds; a shield-like plate seats a large diamond at the top. The staff allows the use of the following spells:

  • Alter self (1 charge)
  • Feather fall (1 charge)
  • Protection from energy (1 charge)
  • Polar ray (2 charges)
  • Solid fog (2 charges)
  • Reverse gravity (3 charges)

Strong varied; CL 15th; Craft Staff, feather fall, alter self, protection from energy, solid fog, reverse gravity, polar ray; Price 110,567 gp.

Staff of the Dragon’s Breath: This gnarled staff is typically twisted together from thin branches of light tropical woods of composite color. At the head the five strands spin away from each other. One is like a pitted jet of water, another is like a shooting star, a third resembles an explosion of icicles, the fourth is nebulous, and the last one is like a jagged arc of lightning. The staff allows the use of the following spells:

  • Acid arrow (1 charge)
  • Cone of cold (1 charge)
  • Fireball (1 charge)
  • Chain lightning (2 charges)
  • Cloudkill (2 charges)

Strong evocation and conjuration; CL 11th; Craft Staff, acid arrow, fireball, cone of cold, cloudkill, chain lightning; Price 87,715 gp.


These staffs were first created individually after the common traits of each of the major and common varieties of true dragons were discovered. After much trial and error, these specific staffs were discovered to have the most internal synergy and stability. Dragons and dragonkind generally regard the bearers of these staffs with a keener interest; good and noble ones generally favor bearers while evil and malicious ones typically envy bearers. This is especially true for the specific variety of dragon keyed to the particular staff. As anyone who’s been around dragons long enough can attest, these staffs only vaguely resemble the abilities of the dragons they are named for, and should not be taken for a particularly accurate estimate of the capabilities of any dragon.

The staffs of dragonkind typically range from 6 to 7 feet in length and 1.5 to 2.5 inches thick, but weigh only about 4 pounds instead of the more common 5 pounds. Exotic in the extreme, these staffs tend to incorporate metal or bone (horn tooth and claw) in their construction. Almost all of them use gemstones or crystals at their top ends, usually as part of some assembly that resembles the head of the dragon variety whose powers the staff is made to imitate. Carvings and motifs are de rigueur for the metallic dragon staffs, while more organic trappings are the norm for the chromatic dragon staffs. Infused with something of draconic nature, the staffs of dragonkind are all of sturdier, superior construction to most other staffs, with AC 8, 12 hit points, hardness 6, and a break DC of 26.

Staffs of Dragonkind

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