This brilliant, dazzling staff shines fear into the hearts of evil and darkness.


Major Artifact. Holy Relic.

The Lightbringer radiates light as bright as full sunlight in an 80 foot radius, bright light for another 80 feet, and dim light for an additional 160 feet beyond that. This light is always active and creatures within 80 feet are considered to be in direct sunlight for all purposes. The Lightbringer dispels any magical darkness effect of 9th level or lower within 80 feet of the staff and the area around the Lightbringer is constantly consecrated. The bright light grants the staff’s wielder total concealment (50% miss chance). Each round that a creature other than the wielder ends its turn within 5 feet of the staff, they must make on a DC 17 Fortitude saving throw or be permanently blinded.

The Lightbringer has the following powers:

  • Lightbeam: At will the staff can project a line of light that affects creatures as an enlarged sunbeam, CL 20th.
  • Summon Lights: Seven times per day the staff can summon 1d6 lantern archons that cannot be turned or banished and serve the wielder alone as if called by summon monster V cast at 20th level.
  • Illuminate: Once per month the Lightbringer can cast an empowered, enlarged, maximized, widened sunburst (CL 25th).


Also called Light of Baast, this slender staff was braided together from strands of sunlight and moonlight. Wrapped with a thin spiral of intertwined whitewood and mithral, and solidly encased in a delicate coating of crystal glass, a perfectly spherical and crystal clear diamond crowns this potent artifact. The Lightbringer radiates like Myrdranuch at all times.

For obvious reasons, this powerful artifact is treasured by those who love the light and most people of goodly disposition and noble character, but feared and loathed by those who are vile or love darkness – especially the undead and the necromancers that so often lead or associate with them; however the Lightbringer does not distinguish between such foul, unnatural abominations and those creatures (such as plants) that have merely acclimated to the darkness.


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