Ring of Retrieval

Ring that allows the wearer to instantly summon specially marked objects


This ring functions at all times as an Arcane Signet Ring. Once per day, the wearer may call upon the ring to summon any object on the same plane that has been marked by the ring, weighs no more than 10 lbs., and is not longer than 6 ft. The object appears in the wearer’s hand unless it is too large, in which case it appears at the wielder’s feet, or the nearest space that will fit and support it.

Price: 21,000 gp, Cost: 11,000 gp, Wt: n/a, Requirements: Craft Ring, arcane mark, instant summons, CL 13th


Most of these rings are made of intricately wrought gold or silver with a large, deep blue sapphire (worth at least 1,000 gp) affixed as the stone of prominence. The stone is sometimes engraved or filled with the sigil or seal that it places on objects, and this seal is usually the same as an otherwise normal insignia, allowing such rings to function as ordinary (albeit expensive) signet rings. Sometimes the sigil and seal do not match, and in such cases the magical insignia is placed as an invisible mark. Given their price, such rings are most often found as novelties among the extremely wealthy, though they certainly have more practical uses – a necessity for anyone who wants to be inordinately well-prepared. Unmarked varieties can also be made, usually commissioned by wealthy people who lack sufficient rank to own a proper seal.

Ring of Retrieval

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