Tag: Dragons


  • Mountain of Flame

    On the northwestern bank of the [[Lake of Fire]] towers the great Mountain of Flame. A massive volcano coninually belching forth fire and liquid rock, it has become a place of reverence for those who follow [[The Way of Fire]]. Deep within lies the …

  • Lake of Fire

    *The Lake of Fire* is a vast sea of flaming bubbling lava. Within the sea are a number of rocky islands where dragons and other creatures of flame have made their abode; many a hoard of gold is likely hidden out there. Unfortunately the islands aren't …

  • The Razing of Aschbourne

    bq. _"Flammolier. That was the name given to the beast; for none escaped the roiling, blazing inferno that it spewed upon the town. And when it was done, nothing but ash and cinders and fire remained."_ - Ardred, 11th Watcher of Argell

  • Myrkwyn (The Fire Moon)

    Go to: [[The Moons of Erdon | calendar of moons]]

    bq=(())). "Fire, Fire, burning bright; / burning everything in sight!" - chant of the firewitch covey and rhyme of the fire giant babes. Most intelligent creatures …

  • Jitabe Empire

    The *Jitabe Empire*, also known as the Jade Empire, occupies a great expanse of land that borders a great sea; its denizens are primarily humans, elves, and dwarves. The capital city of *Ro-Kyon* is known to its residents as a place of much political …

  • Maugnir

    This dragon is larger than any you've ever imagined. He probably has a very long and riveting backstory; but you should count yourself lucky that you've _heard_ of him; and luckier if you've survived an encounter.