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  • Elemental Sorcerers

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    [Image Place Holder: the Elemental Sorcerer; Pyromancer, Hydromancer, Geomancer, Ethomancer]

    bq=. %{color:white}"Caption"% There are some …

  • Magic in Archlond

    h4. *Overview:* [[Archlond| Archon]] magic has some limitations: even sorcerers may be at odds with their unusual powers, and can have difficulty developing precisely the spell they want. Likewise, the scrollbooks of the Archon sages are somewhat …

  • Characters in Archlond

    When creating a character for an Archon campaign, note that the chaotic alignment is exceedingly rare, and the evil alignment is non-existent (in the standard party). Thus characters that favor chaos (e.g. barbarians, half-orcs) are practically unheard …