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    [Image Place Holder: the Avatar/Keeper]

    bq=. _What knowledge do you seek?_

    p=. [[The Nexus]] p=. %{color:white}__% [[Geography of Erdon]] || [[Organizations in Erdon]] p=. [[ …

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    %{color:white}[Image Place Holder]% bq=. Here follow the known Chronicles of Erdon, as of yet untold. Here ye may find adventure: Here, there be dragons.

    h4. *[[Geography of Erdon | Erdlond Campaigns]]*: * [[A New Evil]] - A …

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    h4. *Origin:* Long ago, before the fall of the [[Barbarian Empire]], an order of seers foresaw the doom that was approaching. In order to spare themselves and their descendents from this horror, they gathered what allies they had, forged a new world …