Tag: WiP


  • Aschlaadt

    Aschlaadt, the western [[Geography of Archlond | territory]] of [[Archlond]], is alive with the Church of Heironeous; clerics and paladins abound here, though ironically, [[Classes | rangers]] who are worth their gold can also be found here. However, as …

  • Guilds

    There is a great variety in the sorts of guilds that may be encountered. Some places require a unique guild for each specific trade, business, or job: one man makes nails, another horseshoes, another bits, another bridles, etc., though they may have the …

  • Jitabe Empire

    The *Jitabe Empire*, also known as the Jade Empire, occupies a great expanse of land that borders a great sea; its denizens are primarily humans, elves, and dwarves. The capital city of *Ro-Kyon* is known to its residents as a place of much political …

  • Maugnir

    This dragon is larger than any you've ever imagined. He probably has a very long and riveting backstory; but you should count yourself lucky that you've _heard_ of him; and luckier if you've survived an encounter.