Long ago, before the fall of the Barbarian Empire, an order of seers foresaw the doom that was approaching. In order to spare themselves and their descendents from this horror, they gathered what allies they had, forged a new world for men, and took with them all of good will and lawful disposition as were willing to go. As with the great continent, Archon history is mostly peaceful, and quite rich; it is a place where the Golden Age of the elves survived under the stewardship of men, even as the forces of darkness overwhelmed the great continent. Unfortunately this time did not last. The protections that Archlond once enjoyed have waned, and darkness now threatens the land; the forces of evil lurk now in places that were once grand and beautiful: this is but a threshold in the campaign for utter darkness. Now the lands have need for heroes to rise amongst their people: to drive out the darkness, and restore the Lands of Archlond to their former glory.


The two most important tenets of Archon culture are Worship and Order. Worship deals with reverence, even when not for deities; it is at least a respect for one’s betters: children their parents, men their nobles, nobles their kings, and so on. Order pertains to things such as Balance, Chronology, Unity, and Justice, but fundamentally refers to the idea that “everything has its place, and must keep its place.”

The traits that bring all Archons together as a society are goodness and order. Even the most remote or removed of Archlond’s people will err on the side of good rather than evil, and law instead of chaos. Those few who actively seek chaos, do so believing that it is required for the overall good or balance of things; but fewer, if any, believe such things about the pursuit of evil.

The Barbarian presence, along with that of other foreigners, has begun to stir the mindset of Archons; to that extent, non-lawful, and even non-good alignments are less rare than they used to be, but they are still uncommon. Most chaotically aligned creatures in Archlond entered with the barbarian horde or the legions of darkness.

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