Characters in Archlond

When creating a character for an Archon campaign, note that the chaotic alignment is exceedingly rare, and the evil alignment is non-existent (in the standard party). Thus characters that favor chaos (e.g. barbarians, half-orcs) are practically unheard of, though not disallowed; characters that require a chaotic alignment are highly unlikely, as are those who tend towards evil: such characters are subject to the GM’s discretion; characters that must be evil (e.g. drow necromancers), especially overt examples, are just not going to be in a standard Archon party.

Furthermore, one should consider the effects that a particular race or class will generate. For example, non-humans, especially half-orcs, have a much tougher time of life in civilized places. A party that includes a clearly non-lawful or non-good character can expect little if any favor upon entering a community; the reaction may even be resentful or even hostile. The half-orc barbarian in black, blood-stained armor might as well send ahead to tell the villagers to sharpen their pitchforks.

One will also want to consider the unusual limitations on access to, and use of, certain class abilities, such as magic, in Archlond. For example, magic is often regulated in Archon communities, and access almost always comes through some sort of guild; which means that unauthorized use or development of magic can cause trouble for a character and her associates. Standard customs and laws in at least some communities may even put certain combat characters (e.g. fighters) at a disadvantage – or at least in a sticky situation. More unorthodox characters such as rogues, need to be extraordinarily careful as many of the activities at which they excel are typically illegal (e.g. ‘locksmithing,’ ‘reclamation,’ ‘combat assistance,’ ‘storytelling,’ etc.).

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Characters in Archlond

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