History of Archlond

Archlond is the continent on the world of Erdon which was created before the rise of the Barbarian Empire by the Mages of Order as a solution to the evil foretold by the sages and seers of the land. It was originally warded and protected against Evil, and against Chaos, until a sect of the Church of Pelor managed to compromise one of the Artifices of Protection guarding the new country. This act allowed the barbarians, now deceived and corrupted by insidious means, to ‘explore’ Archlond, wheretofore they were unable to sail. Once there they slaughtered and raided; pillaged and plundered; but their worst deed was the destruction of the other Artifice of Protection, which allowed now for the invasion of the forces of evil. Once the barbarians realized they had been deceived, they pledged their honor to defend the continent of Archlond ‘til the protection was restored. The political fallout has in no small part altered Archlond’s particular geography.

The Legends of Archlond

Various tales and stories of wonder have coalesced into a volume now recited by the most learned of bards and troubadours called the Legends of Archlond. It is the common source for pertinant history since the barbarian invasion of Archlond.

New and Popular Legends

The Modern Tragedies

The Barbarian Incursion

  • Part 3: The Barbarian Wars is a widely known epic and tragedy that deals with the end of the barbarian conflict; The Slaying of Helmfonleif the Barbarian Chieftain by King Arcthellios Whereupon He Slew Himself Also With His Own Spear And It did Brake, And the Signing of the Treaty Between the Peoples of Archlond And the Barbarian Peoples is one of its last chapters.
  • Part 2: The Elven Alliance tells of the alliance between the peoples of Archlond and the elves of the north and their Giant allies, in an effort to resolve the conflict.
  • Part 1: The Destruction of the Artifices of Protection recounts the tale of those involved in the events leading to the barbarian invasion, and the beginnings of that great conflict.

The Rise and Fall of the Archons

The Ancient Legends

  • The Legend of Gaulk is one of the ancient lunar legends that has survived and passed into the Archon records.

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History of Archlond

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