There are many races to be found in the world of Erdon; the following varieties are not listed in standard sourcebooks.


The following are some minor deviations from standard sources that the DM may choose to implement:

  • Humans gain 4 bonus ability score points that they must use to advance 4 different ability scores.
  • Wood Elves and Wild Elves have their bonuses reversed (+2 Dex, +2 Str respectively).
  • Male Wild Elves Favor the Barbarian Class while Females Favor the Sorcerer Class.
  • Half Elves inherit half of their Elven parent’s ability score modifiers (e.g. +1 Dex, -1 Con). At the DM’s discretion they may also inherit strictly cultural benefits (e.g. Weapon Proficiencies) instead of, or in addition to, their normal racial bonuses, depending on where they grew up.
  • High Elves’ height is in the range of 4’8" + 2d8" tall (range = 4’10"→6’). Male Half Elf base height should be accordingly increased by 2 inches to 4’9" (range = 4’11"→6’3"). Wild and Wood elves have the standard height (PHB 109), and Grey elves are about a half foot taller than High Elves (4’11" + 2d10").
  • Gnomes gain +2 Charisma instead of +2 Constitution as a racial bonus.
  • For the purposes of aging, Elves do not suffer Dexterity degradation, Dwarves do not suffer Constitution degradation, and Half Orcs and Orcs do not suffer Strength degradation (i.e. the -1 Stat penalty for reaching Middle age). Gnomes gain +1 Charisma at all stages of life (not just the latter ones).


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