The Barbarian Wars

The Barbarian Incursion (Part III)

This final third of an epic trilogy in Archon Lore recounts the rise and fall of the barbarian chieftain Helmfonleif. According to the legend, the elves had managed to gain audience at a meeting of the barbarian chieftains. The elven emissaries spoke persuasively, and almost managed to sway the opinions of all the major chieftains; all except one. Helmfonleif did not trust the elves however. He believed that a race so obviously bereft of strength and apparently relying so much on diplomacy had to be deceptive in nature; furthermore he’d been conditioned by his memories of ancient tales from his own homeland about how the elves there had sought to manipulate and enslave the barbarian peoples. Helmfonleif tried to convince his fellow chieftains of the truth, but they still sought peace. Deeming them weak and unfit for leadership, he appealed to the younger captains of the barbarian tribes, and rose up with them to slaughter the other chieftains, and the elves. He gained their fealty and became a Barbarian King. The legend reveals how Helmfonleif undertook many adventures to secure a bulk of the barbarian peoples, gathering also the monstrous peoples, with which he aimed to complete the barbarians’ original conquest. Having gathered the barbarian armies, he lead some contingents over the Southern Dragonspine and executed great savvy in feigning raids on outlying Archon hamlets. This drew reinforcements away from the great fortress erected in the Southern Gap, which Helmfonleif then assaulted and flanked with all the might of the Barbarian Horde. He then sent them out across the lands for the final campaign, looting, pillaging, plundering, and slaughtering the people of Archlond; fighting their armies only when he had superior numbers. The details of his fall are given in one of the final chapters: The Slaying of Helmfonleif.

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